Cultural Appropriation And Racial Appropriation Essay

Cultural Appropriation And Racial Appropriation Essay

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In early childhood, most of the world’s children are taught that stealing is wrong. Don’t take what belongs to someone else because they have probably worked for their belongings. What is especially taboo is stealing and getting praised for the thing stolen. Essentially that is the basis of cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is done by the victors in history to the victims in a way that marginalizes their culture. It takes certain aspects of the culture that have deep traditional meaning and puts it for everyday use in order to be edgy or fashionable. The people that took the culture are in essence praised for the some of the same attributes that oppressed the culture in the first place. It is pretty much understood that white people appropriate the culture of minorities and said minorities are speaking out against the injustice. However, what of the thought of minorities taking the culture of other minorities? There is an inherent difference in feelings of underrepresented groups taking from each other. Its not as unacceptable for an African to wear a Cherokee headdress as a white American because their ancestors do not have ties to the oppressive past that Native Americans dealt with like white Americans, although most Africans do not have any ties to the Cherokee it can still be considered cultural appropriation. The important characteristic of linkage to the certain culture that is taken brings an even deeper question. Can blacks appropriate from other blacks? It is important to explore the specific issue of black Americans taking from Africans and vice versa. The claim being that as black people in general, there is a shared culture. The focus of this paper will be on black Americans taking the culture of Africans...

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...p hop is Senegal. Senegalese hip hop artists claim that their music is deeply rooted in the griot movement. They have taken their native influence of griot storytellers by using traditional Senegalese instruments and using a rhythmic style called Taasu which is characterized as something used by the native griots along with Western style. Author Khalil Saucier describes this fusion as something great: “The incorporation of local instruments is thus an explicitly indigenizing strategy that recognizes the diasporic nature of hip-hop while aurally marking the “Senegaleseness” of these particular recordings.” Although for many years, Africans have had a fascination with all things western, there has been some agency in taking something that was popularized in America and making it fully African. They have adapted the very acclaimed American culture and made it their own.

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