Cultural Approach For Organization Is A Theory That Was Written By Clifford Geertz And Michael Pacanowsky

Cultural Approach For Organization Is A Theory That Was Written By Clifford Geertz And Michael Pacanowsky

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Cultural approach to organization is a theory that was written by Clifford Geertz and Michael Pacanowsky. The theory looks into how organizations and business have their own corporate culture with in its environment. Culture is a set of meanings that are shared and understood among the employees. The theory explores what exactly cultural is in a corporate context and how it effects the environment, and once culture is established can it be changed. Theories are a set of systematic hunches, which mean they have multiple parts that play a role in the overall idea of what exactly a theory is. I will look at how cultural approach to organization is displayed within the media.
Geertz wrote that “man is an animal suspended in webs of significations that he himself has spun”, I believe that Geertz is saying that humans give themselves a set of social norms that we obligate ourselves to follow in order to be successful and to navigate life. The theory describes culture as being a metaphor, this idea came after American business leader’s studying Japan’s industries in the 1970’s. They found that Japanese workers focused more on shared culture and loyalty to each other and the corporation as compared to technology. The workers shared meanings or culture played a larger role in their output as opposed to technology. This suggested the workers had a strong corporate culture. The term corporate culture shares a number of meanings. It can be described as the environment that puts limitations on the companies’ freedom or as the quality of the organization. In a corporate setting culture can be the image, character or climate. Pacanowsky and Geertz see culture as more than a part of organizational research, it is not something an organization ha...

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...hat environment.
The theory of cultural approach to organization is important and useful because it helps not only management understand the employees but the employees themselves get a better understanding of each other. There are subcultures within any environment the people in the accounting department may not understand the people in the mailroom but through shared meanings they may be able to relate in some ways to one another. Through rituals and corporate stories the environment can be prosperous and have a greater output from the workers. Culture is neither high nor low but there are subcultures and counter cultures. If corporation study and make employees learn this theory I do feel it could improve the overall function of the company. This theory is useful and could possibly save a company or take one to the next level through a strong corporate culture.

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