Cultural Anthropology And Other Social Sciences

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Cultural anthropology is the study of humans and their beliefs, customs, and traditions, in short their way of life. Ranging from the recent past to today’s people. Most of us are curious about other people who are different from us in their way of life, whether it be in beliefs, customs, traditions and practices. What we hope to accomplish by understanding others that are different from us, is to live in peace and unity without belittling each other, from which we can learn about each other to make the world a better place to live in. Perhaps what we can learn from others would help us to understand ourselves a bit better without destroying our own culture and beliefs in the process, like a majority of people believe would happen with the immigrants pouring into the U.S. and all the violence that has been happening lately in our country. How cultural anthropology differs from other social sciences is in the way one approaches it. Or just as in Peoples (2015) “The main differences between anthropology and other social sciences and humanities is not much the kinds of subjects anthropologists investigate as the approaches we take to studying human life.”(p 13) Which boils down to how one observes and interacts with the subjects (people) they are studying without bias. There should be no experiments done on the people that are being studied to prove a theory or hypothesis like in biology. The people that are being studied have the same rights like anyone else and should be treated as such and not as a slide under a microscope. Also we should not try and change or interfere with their way of life just because we don’t agree with it or understand it, for that it is why we are observing them. ... ... middle of paper ... ...res then we must be prepared to be taken over by a stronger culture. For it seems the main contribution that multiculturalism has made is to divide us amongst ourselves just like Lincoln’s speech “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Multicultural paradox happens when the ideal view of all different cultures are equal to the actuality of it in real life. Or according to Peoples (2015) “The multicultural paradox is evident when nationalists (traditional elites) seek to deny rights to certain groups.“ (p.61) But to me it means it looks good on paper but does not work in real life. What those who believe in multiculturalism to achieve is a nation where all groups are equal even those who are emigrating here to follow the same belief as they do but which is unlikely since they too have their own belief as to what their group is entitled to.
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