Essay about Cultural and Social Factor of Vaccination

Essay about Cultural and Social Factor of Vaccination

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In old human civilization, the only way to recover from sickness or disease was to use natural treatment to cure and if the disease is really new and is so deadly, then death is the only option. However, today we have vaccines which are the treatment in preventing virus, bacteria, or other sicknesses. But even if we have vaccines, some people still refuse to use it. Why? There are so many reasons for this which explains why people refuse to use vaccines. One of the reasons is it side effects. Vaccines reliability decrease because of its side effects such as autism, fever, or death. One example can be seen in DTP vaccine which is one of the deadly vaccines that contain many side effects such as high fever, brain damaged, fainting, or sometime death. DTP vaccine is a vaccine which uses to cure diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis which is a common disease found among children and adult. There are two ways of how peoples think of vaccines. These two ways are called cultural and social factor. Cultural factor concern with reason about religion or cultural believes. While social factor concern with the scientific explanations or facts.
There are so many scientific evidences which prove both of the advantages and disadvantages of the vaccines but some people choose to stick to the idea of cultural factor which is religion or morality. Some evidences can be seen in Islam and Judaism which believe that some type of animals are unclean and refuse to use vaccine which come from part of that animal. Example can be seen in DTaP (Tripedia) which contains gelatin, a chemical ingredient derived from pigs. Some other evidences can also be seen in Rubella vaccine which was created using human fetuses’ tissue taken from the ab...

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