Cultural And Religious Influences On Research Essay examples

Cultural And Religious Influences On Research Essay examples

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Cultural and religious influences are linked to the process of research since culture and religion work with real concepts that can shape people’s understanding and creativity. Christians have been influenced by culture and religion when they begin a research project. Recently, studies developed by Scott Aniol have elucidated that “culture involves a style of life where tradition, religion, and moral values are interrelated. According to him, culture is the tangible expression of a society’s collective worldview. It is religion externalized. How a particular community looks at life, morality, God, mankind, and justice express itself externally in their popular visual art, literature, philosophies, and music.” Researchers support the idea that people act according to their beliefs, and this aspect could shape scholars’ philosophy on research. This essay will explain a particular philosophy on research and point out the main characteristics that shape this particular philosophy.

Understanding a Specific Philosophy on Research
The results of a specific research project will be affected by the concept of what is true or not true, according to researchers’ philosophy of life, which is marked by cultural and religious principles. The challenge is to discover and validate those principles. However, people are always in a process of learning and discovering new ideas and concepts. This thinking is fundamental for a solid philosophical position on research. A solid philosophy on research must answer questions related to the real meaning of a research project. As an example, research questions could help writers to support and narrow their thesis in a research project, which will simplify the discussion and strengthen t...

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...f learning, where scholars will constantly seek for concrete elements that could be the foundation of his philosophy on research. Consequently, those elements will shape a successful teaching philosophy.

As illustrated in this essay, people act according to their principles, which absolutely can shape a personal philosophy on research. The results of a specific research project will be affected by the concept of what is true or not true and the act of research is a continuous process of discovery and learning where scholars could use a number of strategies that can strength the development of a specific and well-articulated argument. Furthermore, the results of a specific research project will be affected by the concept of what is true or not true, according to researchers’ philosophy of life, which is marked by cultural and religious principles.

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