Essay on The Cultural And Culturally Diverse Student

Essay on The Cultural And Culturally Diverse Student

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The cultural and linguistically diverse student brings many experiences to his or her learning environment, which is a great resource of knowledge. Allowing the language learner to express him or herself orally can be used as a foundation for literacy by applying funds of knowledge. Thus, culturally responsive teaching allows students to connect with literature through their experiences or information, eventually building upon this knowledge. In scenario one, Lilya is a bilingual student, which English will be her third language to acquire. With a history of educational success in her former country and parents understanding the importance of an education, Lilya has a strong support system at home, however there are obstacles to overcome.
One obstacle Lilya must face is the fact her parents are unable to assist in areas of reading and writing because of weak language skills themselves. Her parents also .feel a presence at Lilya’s school would be disrespectful to her teacher. Many parents feel inadequate when it comes to assisting their child with schoolwork often due to language deficiency or weak academic backgrounds. As educators, we must convey to parents their importance of modeling study habits at home and give parents the tools and resources to accomplish this. Teachers and parents who share the same vision of success for their child make success come that much faster. Liyla’s shyness is another dilemma to overcome. Unable to make new friends may suppress her opportunities to practice new language skills. In fact, Andriansyah (2012) mentioned to understand new words, the ELL student must practice daily. Lilya however, seems to be at the silent or preproduction stage of language acquisition.
Understanding the stages of lang...

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...uage skills.
Preventing such drastic action as quitting school involves using strategies, which incorporate the student’s native language as support, planning engaging activities, and providing opportunities for students to practice the new language through discussion with partners or in small groups. Sheng, Sheng, and Anderson (2011) claimed the level of English proficiency determines performance, which relates to retention or promotion. The success of the language learner not only affects the individual with a higher quality of life but also enriches society with independent individuals. With more immigrants entering the United States, it makes sense for schools to be prepared to better prepare our future citizens. In doing this, we not only make the individual prosper with more knowledge but the nations as well, as immigrants bring rich diversity and culture.

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