Essay on Cultural Analysis : Canadian Culture

Essay on Cultural Analysis : Canadian Culture

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Canadian Culture Analysis

Hofstede Analysis
Power Distance: Score 39
With a score of 39, Canadian culture is interdependent and there is value placed upon egalitarianism. This is also reflected by minimal status and/or class distinctions in society. An example of this is superiors are always accessible and managers rely on individual employees and teams for their expertise and it is customary for managers and staff members to consult one another and to share information freely.

Individualism: Score 80
Canada can be characterized as an Individualist culture with a score of 80. There is an expectation that people look after themselves and their immediate families. Similarly, in the business world, employees are expected to be self-reliant and display initiative. An example that reflects such, it that hiring and promotion decisions are based on merit or evidence of what one has done or can do.

Masculinity/Femininity: Score 52
With a scores 52, Canada can be characterized as a moderately “Masculine” society, meaning that in some aspects Canadians prefer achievement and assertiveness but nurturance and social support as well. Similarly, Canadians also tend to have a work-life balance and are likely to take time to enjoy personal pursuits, family gatherings and life in general. This is not to say that Canadians are not hard workers. An example of this is that students are praised for group work as well as individual, which pertains to both the masculine and feminine characteristics.
Uncertainty Avoidance: Score 48
Canadian culture tends to accept uncertainty with less resistance which is indicative of how the acceptance of new ideas, innovative products and a willingness to try something new or different, whether it be in tech...

... middle of paper ...

...ity and egalitarianism is shared amongst people.
Canada is an individualistic culture, however people belong to many groups, and are motivated to achieve external success in the form of possessions, positions and power. Combined with the “doing” orientation, Canadians feel they are in control of their own fate.
World Orientation:
Canadian culture is oriented towards humans being born “good” and all gods are generally accepted and humanity is seen as a vital trait to be both accept and understand in daily life.
In Canadian culture they go by the linear time cycle, where things are done in order, one task at a time, on time because time is scarce.
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