Cultural Adoption Is A Type Of Adoption Essay

Cultural Adoption Is A Type Of Adoption Essay

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The U.S. has adopted over 30 thousand children from other countries since 2010. (Statistics) There has been evidence of children who have been abandoned or neglected being relocated to new families ever since the 1850’s. It wasn 't until the 1950’s when Catholic single women in Quebec weren 't allowed to keep their illegitimate babies and they had to get sent to the U.S. for adoption. Then in the 1970’s, after vietnam and China’s one child law cross- cultural adoption skyrocketed. cross- cultural adoption is a type of adoption where an individual or couple becomes the legal parents of a child who is from a different culture, ethnicity, or community then they are. There are several problems with cross- cultural adoption that affects the child 's mental well-being and cultural identity. These problems are caused in part by the parents’ lack of cultural awareness and the community’s lack of understanding.
First of all is parents’ having lack of cultural awareness. Cultural awareness is the ability of standing back from ourselves and becoming aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions and then asking ourselves why we act in this way and understand why other cultures do it differently. Some might say that an adopted child would adopt the culture of his or her new family, but in fact, The child still needs to be connected to his or her own culture, and many parents are not culturally aware enough to teach their children about the culture from which they come from. The three most important parts of culture that the child should be taught is their food, their Language, and their Practices.
Parents should learn the food of the adopted child 's culture and teach it to them. The food of ones culture is one way of showing who y...

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...idn 't fit in it was foreign. I 'm not a Fero a Fero. I 'm a Fero but. It will hurt my adopted father when he hears me say that it qualifies it and our love is not qualified.” (Adopted 54:00) Jennifer feels like she will never really be part of either culture because she not 100% either one.
Without correct parenting and an accepting community cross-cultural adoption is bound to end in the child 's loss of identity and missing a sense of belonging. Through food, language, religion and art, a child taken away from their ethnic culture can have an understanding of the way people like him or her live. This understanding can help build the child 's identity. Along with an understanding of his or her culture with a strong understanding community and good friends he or she can have pride for where they live and build a multi cultural identity that she or he is proud of.

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