Cultural Activity: Returning to Vietnam to Understand the War Essay

Cultural Activity: Returning to Vietnam to Understand the War Essay

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The play by Shirley Lauro is a very interesting drama. When we look the element and principle of the drama; the plot can be derived from what happens in a play; the order of events, the story as opposed to the theme; what happens rather than what it means. Every day you go to work, you are starting your day with a plot this is presented as what usually before war, during war, and after the war. They give as the action of what they are undergoing through; for instance, the six imaginary brave women, five nurses and a country singer who went to Vietnam to make sense of war that changed them and the nation that abstain from them. They vigorously describe them as being young women before, during, and after their journey in the war jungle. They are able to interpret the experience they felt through the play as they tell different stories. Through the plot of the play we are able to get the theme of the play where the young women are staffed to the life of war nurse working for long hours a day without training. They have to learn what it is like to be in charge of keeping up the men’s enthusiasm.
The theme focuses on the women returning home welcomed by their families, kicked by protesters as they try to fit into a resonant life that went on in the war without them. The using of spectacle which refers to the visual elements of play, the visual elements of the production of a play; the scenery, costumes, and special effects in a production. As we think about the design of everything that is around us. Not just at work, but in your personal life as well. A well plotted play maintains a sense of creative balance; stage set which includes platforms, sloping passage way, sandbags, and hanging nets. Along with the painted ...

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...freedom, the need for national unity. Challenges faced by returning armed soldier raises awareness of the armed forces is a large part of the point .War zones are more in the news than the difficulty of reentering civilian life; it aims to provide a window into how taking up arms for the United States plays out after the fanfare and the fighting have ended. Most of Vietnam veterans, like the women have been persistent by their experiences in country; unlike many veterans, they do not feel officially recognized and have been reluctant to seek help. Some have severe trouble symptoms of post-traumatic stress condition and exposure to chemicals. Others have suspicious feeling of their service like a shameful secret. To my conclusion drama as we stand it is an act with category of literature whose fundamental medium is spoken language which can be read just like the poem

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