The Cult Of Personality Of Joseph Stalin Essays

The Cult Of Personality Of Joseph Stalin Essays

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After the Cult of Personality of Joseph Stalin was shattered in 1956, the Chinese Communist Party had to create a new way of achieving Marxism. It explored collective communist leadership for several years, but soon created a personality cult of its own, the cult of Chairman Mao. Mao Zedong Thought, which was seen as a quicker way to Marxism, became elevated throughout China, and subsequently so did Mao 's image. However, cults of personality existed in modern China before Mao, beginning with Sun Yat-sen during the republican era. In fact, Mao began cultivating a cult of personality before the founding of the People 's Republic of China so that he could compete with the cult Chiang Kai-shek began creating around himself, but the Cult of Mao truly came into existence during the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976 after it was built up by Lin Biao. During this time, Mao became respected by many in other parts of the world. While most Americans had no desire to follow his teachings, although a few did, he did gain more respect in American media during the Cultural Revolution Days, with him receiving a significant amount of praise after his death in 1976. However, this respect quickly disappeared as the truth about Mao Zedong 's policies came out, and by the 1980s American media was extremely critical of all the former Chairman had done, with some even comparing him to Hitler and Stalin. The Cult of Mao peaked during the Cultural Revolution, was resurrected following his death, and then subsequently dismissed after Deng Xiaoping came into power in China.However, although Mao is widely criticized around the world today, there is no clear consensus of this once godlike figure in China. While some still linger onto a superhuman view ...

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...ers for loyalty imprinted on them, red plastic hearts with his portrait, pouches, bags, and briefcases designed specifically to carry his works, and even carrying a large framed picture of Mao around one 's neck (Leese, 2011 pg. 211). The state did not manufacture any of these items, they all came from the people. The movement became more extreme, with neighbors spying on neighbors and reporting them for crimes such as "using newspaper with Mao 's image as toilet paper" (Leese, 2011, p. 207). Another man was arrested as a counterrevolutionary for saying that a mango, which was meant to be a gift from the Chairman, was not particularly special (Murck, 2007, p. 16). Miracles began being attributed to Mao, and quasi-religious modes of worship were practiced, such as "asking for instructions in the morning," "Chairman Mao Quotation Gymnastics," and the "loyalty dance."

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