Culinary-Career-Path: A Pastry Chef Essay

Culinary-Career-Path: A Pastry Chef Essay

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What do you think is the most popular job to have in the hospitality industry? I think it is a pastry chef. So what you hearing about are going to be about baking. First, you’re going to hear about educational requirements and recommendations. Second you’re going to hear about salary ranges and geographic effects and how many hours required each week and what is a typical day like in this career when you reach the career goal. Third you’re going to hear about what skills and sets are required. Then you’re going to hear about how I define success in the career option. Lastly fun facts about being a pastry chef. That is what you’re going to read about in this paper.
In this paragraph you’re going to read about the educational requirements and recommendations. There are several different ones for you to choose like a diploma or certificate. In my opinion I will go for a diploma because you can get a lot of recommendations. The diploma or certificate gives you more knowledge for an entry level position. Like all the different degrees can give you more skills like an associate is like for more skills and more basic education. But a bachelor is more advance and teaches your more stuff. But it depends all whatever level of education you choose. Choose wisely and make a smart choice. The most things you should consider are when your comparing culinary programs are the faculty. But the faculty should have appropriate educations and industry experience like you don’t want a newbie to be teaching you how to bake. Accreditation like if you are looking for American culinary federation or cordon bleu or other recognized culinary accreditation. Facilities should learn to cook in professional kitchen with the industry standard equipmen...

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... job was an education behind it. Then you read about how I define success in being a pastry chef that was mostly about how pastry chefs can be very successful if they put their head in it. Lastly you’re going to read about fun facts about being a pastry chef that’s was really about stuff that I really didn’t need in the paper I just wrote it so people that read this can know about the career options in being a pastry chef and the knowledge and the personal characteristics. What did you learn about my career choice (pastry chefs) from this paper? That’s was all the information I got on a pastry chef.

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