Cubism And Its Influence On Modern Art Essay

Cubism And Its Influence On Modern Art Essay

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In the early 20th century, there was an influential art movement called cubism and predicted in the same century happened primitivism movement especially in Africa art. Pablo Ruiz y Picasso and Georges Barque was the founder of cubism and bring progress to modern art.
Cubism widely used in various kinds of art produced in Paris, especially in paintings. Basically cubism is an art that has standpoint of a person or an object that are combined into one work. It was named cubism because the works of art that have been produced are in the form of cubic, curves, triangle, etc. Cubism is not just a random abstract art, it is an abstract art formed from variety of geometric shapes. There are two style of cubism based on periods that have very different characteristics.
The two styles of cubism use different techniques, but the concept remain same. The initial phase called analytical cubism, estimated to occur from year 1909 – 1912. Analytical cubism had a unique technique that requires close examination and analysis of the subject to apply it in geometrical forms, lines, and angles. The style resembles shards of glass and lines, which form the subject that could be a person, an object or landscape. The colours that used in this style were more in shades of grey, black, blue, yellow brown and mostly in gradient. Around 1912, appeared a new style of cubism called synthetic cubism. This art style is less devotes to form and use less of 'shading ' form. Particular characteristics of synthetic cubism are bright colours, simpler form, and using collage. Synthetic cubism process involves cutting daily material such as newspapers or tickets into shapes and then added the pieces to the paintings. The artists are no longer analysing the subje...

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...n cubism with Pablo Picasso and he invented papier collé technique. Georges Braque created the first artwork that uses paper collé technique, the painting called Fruit Dish and Glass. Previously he was trained as house painter and decorator, his father and grandfather passed down that skill and therefore Georges Braque aware that spatial relationships in his works damaged by the use of paper that looks realistic but flat.
With the emergence of cubism, art has been progressing towards to modern art. Picasso and Braque had made history by producing analytical cubism and synthetic cubism, but before there was a period called African-influenced. In that period, Pablo has produced demoiselles d 'avignon, which is a proto-cubist painting that had elements of primitive art from Africa. Pablo used those elements from Fang mask because he was interested and inspired by it.

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