Cuba’s Break for Change Essay

Cuba’s Break for Change Essay

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The Cuban Revolution was not an ordinary war for the Cuban people. The revolution brought the end of a brutal dictatorship ran by Fulgenico Batista. The Cuban Revolution brought change to the economic, cultural, political and social dimensions of Cuba. The revolution enlightened the Cuban people on how their country was being run. After the revolution, Cuba was faced with many changes and reforms, trying to decide how they wanted their country to be like. Reform after reform, some say they never did get it right. The future of Cuba relied on the hands of its people and now dictator, Fidel Castro, as they fought against Batista’s brutal regime.
After the revolution, the political aspect of Cuba was changed. Fidel Castro, the new leader of Cuba, changed things fast but did not think about the later consequences. “…the most difficult obstacle facing the transition is the absence of political organizations…” (Centeno, Font 24). The leaders of Cuba did not want to realize that their crisis revolved around politics instead of the economy. Leaders did not recognize this big problem in trying to become a sovereign nation. As a socialist nation, Cuba did recognize the rights of its citizens after the revolution. Although the armed forces, government and foreign policies changed , Castro lead his own leadership, Thomas, Fautoil and Weiss explain in their book, “…with its emphasis on highly centralized authority and ambitious foreign policy objectives, remains the dominant feature in Cuban politics.”(19). Cuba has been organized to be a big military state but as time goes, Cuba changed the structure of the political system but did not change the foundation of Castro’s leadership. The Cuban government, right now, is holding its own but l...

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...n revolution almost put the whole world into a nuclear war and also caused the Cuban missile crisis in the United States. The impact in Latin America was that other leaders throughout Latin America changed their governments. Fidel Castro’s regime caused a negative impact on the Cuban people and the aspects of the island itself. Cuba was hoping for a positive change in the years after the revolution but got political, economic, social and cultural turmoil under the reign of Castro.

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