Essay on The Cuban Missle Crisis Of 1962

Essay on The Cuban Missle Crisis Of 1962

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The Lessons Learned.

Throughtout life, we tend to reflect on past scenarios as a way to learn from our mistakes and reward ourselves for the things we did right. As we know, the Cuban Missle Crisis of 1962 was one of the most influencial events in our worlds history, as the world only came steps away from nuclear annihilation. (Gelb) Looking back at the past we find that there are many things that the United States could have done differently which would have put them less of a dicey predicament. Despite the lessons the superior country has learned from this Cold War Crisis, the country also is responsible for how well they handled certain situations during this point in time. Since the Cuban Missile Crisis, America has learned what containment feels like first hand, has grasped a better understanding for what kind of acts play the biggest roles, to when working together you find yourself achieving the most success and most importantly; never rush into anything. (Schroeder), (Ernest May (Video)), (Xie Newton South High school) Cuba, being one of the countries that were put in the middle the Crisis with no escape route, also learned a lesson; being who they can and cannot trust. (Blight and Brenner)
As conflict develops, minor acts play the biggest roles. Remarkably, the most influential decisions made during the Cuban Missile Crisis were not made by John F. Kennedy nor Nikita Khrushchev but rather by a man by the name of Vasil Arkhipov. Being a deputy commander of a Soviet submarine desperately needing oxygen and critically enclosed on by the U.S navy he convinced his superior to take a submarine to the surface for air instead of interacting with American warships. It’s crazy to think of how different the verdict of the scen...

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...ave to be prepared for the country to fight back with the same tactic; in this case containment. (Elias, Dartmouth College) The lessons of not rushing into things, working together will be the fastest result to peace and that minor acts play the most important roles; will continue to be remembered by the policy makers and leaders of the United States for eternity. (Schroeder), (Ernest May (Video)), (Xie Newton South High school) The Crisis also opened Cuba’s eyes in immense ways, giving the country a broader view of who and who not to trust. (Blight and Brenner) Overall the Cuban Missile Crisis might have been one of the most horrific times in history, but also should be seen as an exceptional learning curve to countries such as the United States and Cuba, that taught them lessons that they will carry with them for a life time; as they continue to change and evolve.

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