Essay on The Cuban Missile Crisis Through His Own Eyes

Essay on The Cuban Missile Crisis Through His Own Eyes

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Robert Kennedy’s memoir, Thirteen Days, details the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis through his own eyes. How he himself perceived the action around him and his brother, John F. Kennedy, reacted as well. The Cuban Missile crisis was, to put it mildly, a huge effect on life in the United States. It was during these thirteen days that many people feared the world would come to an end through nuclear warfare. The Soviets were building missiles in Cuba and the United States was trying very hard to diffuse the situation. The plans that President John F, Kennedy set in motion in order to prevent this nuclear war showed us what kind of president he was. It is through these plans that we can see just what ideas play an important part in decision making. Indeed we could look at these ideas and apply them to our own policymaking of the present day. President John .F. Kennedy, as seen through the eyes of his own brother Robert Kennedy, showed one of the most important aspects in making decisions that can still apply to policy making to this day, the ability to look at the other side’s point of view. While this may seem like a simple idea it is actually a very powerful skill. It was through this skill that President Kennedy was able to avoid nuclear war. The takeaway for policymakers is this: in order to do the best you can in policies, you must look at all points of views not just ones (American) own.
The first example, aptly, comes from the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis, October 16, 1962. It was on this day that President Kennedy as well as Robert Kennedy were first notified that the Soviet Union was building missiles on Cuba (Kennedy, 20). After being notified a group was created that eventually became known as Ex Comm, a group...

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...stood that the Soviet Union wanted war as much as America did. When Russia agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba he did not claim any sort of victory for himself and even kept his staff from taking any interviews that would claim that America gained victory over Russia (Kennedy,98), because it was never his goal to humiliate, only to reach a peaceful agreement, which he and the Russian president did.
President Kennedy understood the importance of looking at problems through all points of views. He looked at the points of views of his own staff, his brother Robert, and even the Soviet Union President’s. He based every decision he made because of these different viewpoints and ultimately it was this skill that kept us out of a nuclear war. If looking at another viewpoint can keep us from war, then it can only better help the policymakers of today to do greater work.

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