The Cuban Missile Crisis Reflected Essay

The Cuban Missile Crisis Reflected Essay

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The Cuban Missile Crisis Reflected in Alice in Wonderland
The noted M. Esther Harding once said “Conflict is the beginning of consciousness” . The essence of quote is further explored in Tim Burton’s Disney film Alice in Wonderland. In the movie Alice is described as a British girl who is somewhat rowdy. At the beginning of the movie Alice is at her fiance’s garden party when she once again falls down a rabbit hole and embarks on a series of adventures while reuniting with a variety of characters in the magical world that she had previously entered. Some of these characters that are Alice’s old friends, or enemies, include the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit as well as the Queen of Hearts. She is told she must end the “Red Queen’s” also known as the Queen of Hearts reign of terror and to restore the White Queen to her throne. Each of these characters seems to have an odd personality. The character’s confusion and anxiety reflected in Alice in Wonderland was also present on the geopolitical scene, in particular the Cuban Missile Crisis. The anxiety and conflict demonstrated by the Cuban Missile Crisis is symbolized in the film Alice in Wonderland with character traits that display madness, decline and inhumanity.
On October 22 of 1962 a mere 90 miles away from the United States nuclear missiles were pointed at American cities. This was the closest the United States has ever come to a nuclear war, it is known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviet Union secretly placed nuclear missiles in Cuba that were aimed at U.S. cities. Following this was a 13-day standoff between the United states and the Soviet Union who was at the time occupying Cuba. John F. Kennedy was the president during this terrifying event, he struggled with a way t...

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...rn about, there is another reason it is taught, so it will not repeat itself. It is taught to learn from and to not make the same catastrophic mistakes that were previously made. As children people watched movies on a daily basis and as the years progress the art of cinematography is becoming even more widespread. Implementing messages such as those about the history of the Cuban Missile Crisis that was an event of the Cold War, or any history in general while still making the information fun to learn may be one of the best ways to teach people, especially those of a younger audience. History that is exhibited in popular films such as Alice in Wonderland makes the purpose of history even more efficient while spreading so much more rapidly and to an even wider set of viewers. Movies such as Alice in Wonderland can help to reinforce the primary intention of History.

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