Cuban Missile Crisis : President John F. Kennedy Essay

Cuban Missile Crisis : President John F. Kennedy Essay

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Among the great events and political crisis where President John F. Kennedy displayed courage, the one that fascinates me the most was “Cuban missile crisis.” This was when his administration took a hardline against the presence of nuclear missile that the Soviets installed in Cuba 90 miles from the American coast. This missile was never a treat to the United States but President John F. Kennedy insisted that it was a threat and a sign of disrespect to his administration and that it must be removed. JFK and his advisers held that the presence of the weapon will make his enemies and friends see Washington as coward and question American resolve. He justified his stance when he said in his address to the nation during the missile crisis that “aggressive conduct, if allowed to go unchecked and unchallenged, ultimately leads to war.”
In the early 1960’s Cuban leader Fidel Castro decided to gravitate towards communism therefore, the decision provoked the United States who responded by cutting off diplomatic relationship with Cuba. Then in 1961, John F. Kennedy after his inauguration as the 35th President of the United States and youngest to ever became president, he approved previously recommended military invasion of Cuba. Based on the information I gathered watching video clips of his numerous achievements at his museum at down town Dallas, JFK with the help of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Cuban refugees entered the island “Bay of pigs” to incite local riot with an intention to overthrow Castro’s regime. Unfortunately, the plan failed and the President JFK assumed the responsibility of the failed foreign policy blunder. It was one of the biggest embarrassment that confronted his administration and it was unacceptable ...

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... it but not without Krushechev accepted his own end of bargain. He proposed that the deal must be kept secret and threatened to withdraw ever made known to the public. Only few people in his administration were aware of the deal even the Vice President Lyndon Johnson did not know. The information the administration sold to the people of American was that “Washington unequivocally rebuffed Moscow’s offer and instead, thanks to Kennedy’s resolve, forced a unilateral Soviets withdrawal” (Benjamine 2013). However, everybody believed this information until 1980’s opening of previously classified JFK archives and the decisions by some individuals who kept the secret to tell Americans the truth.
Finally, President JFK decision to use diplomacy to solve huge crisis like this, kept it air tight for a long time without compromising American resolve made him courageous leader.

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