The Cuban Embargo And The Embargo Essay

The Cuban Embargo And The Embargo Essay

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The Cuban embargo has been in place for 52 years now, and American citizens are starting to question the goal and importance of such an embargo. Over the past few decades some major generational changes have changed the feelings towards Cuba and the embargo. Ultimately, the majority of the world wants the sanction to end. The United Nations has criticized the U.S. embargo against Cuba for the past 22 years. In 2013, a U.N. vote against the embargo was 188 to 2, with only Israel and the United States supporting the embargo ( The distaste for the embargo is also prominent in the United States now the government may want to keep it in place but the general public doesn’t. The embargo is affecting the people of Cuba more than the government as it was intended. As more people are starting to acknowledge this they are beginning to show opposition towards it. The amount of opposition to the embargo proves that it is time to reconsider the embargo and eventually move towards normalizing the relationship between Cuba and the United States.
The history between these two countries goes way back and is very important. In 1989, the United States had just defeated Spain in the Spanish-American War. With its defeat, Spain signed over the rights to its territories, which included Cuba. Once Cuba was a territory of the United States, it was practically free. The U.S. still had the right to intervene in the countries affairs, a law that was eventually changed, and the U.S. also has the permanent lease on the naval base of Guantanamo Bay (PBS). The two countries were able to coexist for the next fifty years. The U.S. was able to help financially, and the U.S. helped enforce the country by quickly shutting down small rebellions. The rel...

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...od example and show the Cubans what democracy is instead of completely cutting them off from it.
In conclusion, the U.S. government should seriously reconsider the Cuban embargo. The embargo has been counter productive; the Castro regime is still in control and both of our economies have suffered immensely. The embargo is currently unnecessary and should be removed for the sake of the Cuban citizens whose lives have been turned upside down since the embargo was put in place. Chris Sabatini, chairman of the Cuba Working Group at the Americas Society and Council of the Americas in New York said, “By any measure the embargo has failed, Americans -- including Cuban-Americans -- are coming to question the wisdom of a policy that has failed and that looks increasingly like little more than a vendetta cooked up almost a half century ago but that oddly is still in place.”

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