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Cuba: A Profile Essay

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Known for its beauty, extravagant tourist’s attractions, and quality cigars, the Caribbean island of Cuba, a totalitarian communist state, is a multiracial society with a population of mainly Spanish and African origin. The nation is officially known as the Republic of Cuba; it consists of the Island of Cuba, the Isle of Youth and some adjacent small islands.
Cuba lies just ninety miles south of Key West, Florida; therefore its climate is subtropical or temperate. The average minimum temperature is 70°f, the average maximum 81°f (Fast). The trade winds and sea breezes make coastal areas more habitable than temperature would allow. Cuba has a ‘dry season’ between November to April and a ‘wet season’ between May and October (Kapcia). Having such wonderful weather regularly makes Cuba an ideal tourist’s hot spot. Beautiful beaches and lavish hotels also make the island a more desirable place to be. When in Cuba, there are more than enough things to do.
There are over 200 beaches in Cuba; simply a paradise for beach lovers. There are enough beaches in Cuba to fit any and every taste, and some can be found close to some of Cuba's best attractions. The beaches of Cuba are the biggest attraction of Cuba tourism. Varadero Beach is considered to be one of the most famous beaches of the world. Cuba’s beaches provide all types of recreation; Sailing, Cuba Scuba diving, Cuba Sailing, Aqua Bikes, Kayaking, and water skiing are among the most popular.
Cuba is populated with exotic wildlife because of its location. The Caribbean is in a tropical area; therefore, it is normal for one to see flamingos and other tropical animals in Cuba. Bee hummingbirds and the beautiful Cuban Parakeet are some other exotic animal life in the country. Lik...

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...l assemblies to be elected for 2-year terms by direct universal suffrage at age 16 (Cuba Government Information). Although under communist rule, Cuba has the same three branches of government as the United States has.

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