Essay about Cub The United States

Essay about Cub The United States

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Right now traveling back in time isn’t possible, or is it? Ninety miles or an hour’s plane ride from Florida is the island of Cuba. Because of the US embargo, Cuba is stuck in the 1950’s. To many Americans, that brings to mind classic old cars, rustic architecture, and unspoiled Caribbean water and beaches. Now with the strengthening of relations with Cuba, American tourism in Cuba is just down the road. Because of the changing relations, many Americans are looking to travel to Cuba. I have researched the current event. When discussing Americans traveling to Cuba it’s necessary to understand how traveling to Cuba is becoming possible, how Cuba will be impacted by Americans visiting their country, and how it affects us. To begin with, we’ll go over what has led us to being so close to seeing Cuba. Since 1960 the US and Cuba have had no diplomatic relations because Fidel Castro took power, put communist policies in place, and heavily taxed American products. This meant it was illegal to trade with Cuba and to travel to Cuba. Its lack of American exports means that Cuba has fallen behind and seems to be in the 1950’s. On December 17, 2014 President Obama announced the US was restoring relations with Cuba. Thus far (currently) the progress includes removing Cuba from the terrorism list, reopening embassies in Washington DC and Havana, and relaxed travel restrictions. While it is still illegal to visit Cuba only for vacation purposes, vacationing in Cuba is right over the horizon as soon as Congress repeals the Helms-Burton act of 1996. Already American travel companies are anticipating Cuba becoming a Caribbean get-away and likewise Cuba is preparing for the arrival of American tourists. The Pittsburg Tribune Review reported that Cub...

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...y Americanize Cuba. Finally, this current event is important to us because while it is currently illegal to vacation in Cuba, it soon will be legal and when it does become legal, Americans shouldn’t expect all the comforts of home.

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