Essay on Csr Audit : Brico Devices

Essay on Csr Audit : Brico Devices

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CSR Audit – BRICO Devices
Executive Summary
This report evaluates Brico Devices’ Corporate Social Responsibility performance. In particular, it explores the governance of corporate responsibility, which relates to structures and processes through which the company controls and directs its efforts towards sustainability. In order to assess the organization’s impact on society and evaluate its responsibilities, the following key areas must be considered.
i. Supply side relationships
ii. Environmental factors
iii. Community impact
iv. Employee morale
BD needs to strike a balance between the triple bottom line of money, people and care for the environment. CSR is not however, only about protecting the environment, taking ecological accountability into consideration or having a recycling policy, it is also about considering the whole representation of the company. This consideration relates to both internal and eternal processes, and every step a business takes in its day-to-day operations. However, Brico Devices has failed to adhere to these CSR principles.


The purpose of this report is to examine Corporate Social Responsibility issues at Brico Devices. In order to maintain company standards, it is essential to balance the competing priorities of the business while building shareholder value.
Information gathered from interviews and internal company documents is included in this documents and our research and recommendations relate closely to findings we have identified as a result of our CSR audit.

As a result of this investigation, immediate corrective action is required in order to avoid an escalation of the problematic issues. Creating a sustainable future, economically, socially and environmentally requires ma...

... middle of paper ..., as well as ensuring grievances are dealt with independently, timely, and kept confidential.
• Monitor the effectiveness of these steps on a regular basis.
Recycle the waste
• Create a comprehensive Zero Waste Action Plan
• Increase diversion from landfill by increasing utilization of the SMaRT Station
• Divert organic waste from landfill by creating composting opportunities
Use of protective equipment (PPE)
• Establish and consistently enforce a policy requiring the use of assigned PPE.
• Make sure all employees are aware of the rules and the consequences of noncompliance
• Identify hazards and explain how specific PPE is designed to protect against those hazards.
• Make sure supervisors monitor PPE use regularly among all their employees and don 't overlook any noncompliance on the part of any employee for any reason.

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