The Csi For Me, Was More Accurate Than Inaccurate Essay

The Csi For Me, Was More Accurate Than Inaccurate Essay

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The CSI for me, was more accurate than inaccurate. Most of the topics that the CSI emphasized on were topics that I had already known about myself, my desire to finish my college education, my lack of studying, the positive emotional support of my family as well as the fact that I’m not overly concerned with personal issues at this time.
One of the major points in which the CSI was very accurate in was the fact that I have a strong desire to finish college. This statement is highly true for me. I will accomplish that goal of mine and I’m not backing out from my commitment. Finishing college and moving on to higher education will be the accomplishment of my lifetime. Getting an education higher than high school is not true for some people. Some people in many countries can’t get an education higher than primary school, if they’re lucky. Considering that I come from a country where many people don’t get an education like the developed countries do, I do take my education seriously hoping to one day help the unfortunate ones. This strong desire mostly emerged from my parents advicing...

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