Crystal Blue Persuasion: Breaking Bad Ad Essay

Crystal Blue Persuasion: Breaking Bad Ad Essay

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AMC's hit television series, Breaking Bad, has a lot to brag about. After the first airing of the pilot back in 2008, thousands after thousands of people across the globe quickly hopped onto the Breaking Bad bandwagon. Six years and millions of dollars later, the show remains to stand on it's “number one” pedestal. As viewers began to anticipate the final episodes, Breaking Bad's advertising crew came out with a spectacular advertisement that was surely able to up the ante for the last chapter of the empire known as Breaking Bad. This ad effectively riled everyone up for what was to come. They wanted people to get in on the action by tuning into AMC, and this chilling ad, with the use of bold colors, font style and purposeful posture, did its job of instilling a twisted type of anticipation nationwide.

As many know, bold and vibrant colors can do a lot for an ad in its aims to turn heads and grab attentions. This ad happens to take a sharp turn away from the common belief that big, bold colors are the only sure-fire way to make an advertisement eye-catching. With this being true, one might wonder why this particular ad doesn't take full advantage of sparkling pigments and exciting color schemes. It takes a different, yet tasteful approach with their choice of color incorporation that proves to be very effective, and much more fitting than sparkling glitter. This advertisement is fairly simple: it displays a greyscale image of a man standing tall amid barren terrain. There is nothing more to this image, other than the quote “Remember My Name” across his stern face.

Upon first glance, one's eyes are automatically drawn to the striking and highly imposing yellow that emits itself against the dark tones in the backgr...

... middle of paper ...

...the few words provided, sparks enticing curiosity. There is truly a compelling power radiating from this ad to form a lingering question mark in the minds of its onlookers. It forms a void that can only be filled by watching the show. The subtlety of this ad is what ultimately creates it's strength. It successfully builds curiosity and anticipation. By an overall retention of information, this Breaking Bad ad is able to reach a far wider audience. An audience so wide, that no one is safe from making a rapid descent into the world of crime, cartel, and crystal meth.

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