Cry, The Beloved Country: The Struggle for Tribal Restoration Essay

Cry, The Beloved Country: The Struggle for Tribal Restoration Essay

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The story takes place during a time of great unrest in South Africa between the native populace and the white people. The white people fear that they will soon be overrun by the much larger native population so they enact legislation that keeps the local salaries low and the working conditions very hard. This angers the natives and they threaten to strike and rebel. These threats endanger the well-being of all of South Africa as it is heavily dependent on the gold and silver that comes from the mines that are mined by the native inhabitants. Cry, The Beloved Country is the story of two men, Reverend Stephen Kumalo and civil rights activist James Jarvis, on their quest to find racial equality and fairness for the indigenous people of South Africa.

Stephen Kumalo is a minister in the small mountain town of Ndotsheni. Kumalo’s journey begins with him getting a message from a pastor in Johannesburg telling him that his sister is very ill and that he should come immediately. He discovers that Gertrude is living the life of a prostitute and is a single mother. Seeing her in such a sad state greatly distresses Kumalo; but he has compassion on his sister and offers to take them to Ndotsheni and help raise her child. After his sister agrees to return to Ndotsheni, Stephen, along with Pastor Msimangu set out to find his son, Absalom. They learn that he is in jail and has a pregnant girlfriend. They convince her to marry Absalom and to return to Ndotsheni with them. Through continued investigation Kumalo and Msimangu find that Absalom has murdered the engineer and civil rights activist Arthur Jarvis. After acquiring a lawyer Kumalo finds out that his son did not want to kill the man but shot him because he was scared. After several week...

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...malo and the Harrisons.

While Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis may have come from two different views of life, both were enlightened on their trip to Johannesburg. Kumalo gained hope that the tribe could be restored while Jarvis realized that not every facet of South African society is good and took up his son’s mantle as a civil rights activist. Both saw the need for better education and working conditions of the indigenous people and acted upon that need. Kumalo was able to find his long lost family and save some of them from ruining their lives. Thanks to the improvements brought to them by James Jarvis and the agricultural teacher, the people of Ndotsheni were able to finally begin the process of restoring their land and way of life. James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo were able to become friends and allies in the battle to restore South Africa.

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