The Crusades: The Grandest Failure of Christendom Essay

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The First Crusade what some would call a crowning moment for the Catholic Church for the age. Yet, behind all of this would lead to some of the worst moves the church has made and lead to not only the death of countless crusaders and Muslims but, also cause a weakening in the eastern defenses, that the Muslims would take advantage of against the Eastern Roman Empire, also known as Byzantium. Now many would defend the crusaders actions, saying that Muslim aggression lasting hundreds of years would have caused the combat to break out and the Christians that were being harassed and pushed back to stand up and attempt to rebuke the Muslims attempting to encroach on the lands of Byzantium. While it was called defensive and a reclaiming gesture for the areas in question that were once held by the Byzantium and retake the Jerusalem(Insert footnote here in regards to World History page 55) it would almost single handedly cause the collapse of the of the grand capital hundreds of years later and in the end only bring death to the Europeans who sought to “retake” the holy lands.
The Holy Lands, are in the location of modern times, Israel and surrounding areas, these lands are arid and inhospitable (Footnote here page 80 atlas of mysterious places) for persons not of this land, and taught of the ways to survive as the Crusaders came to learn. Their hardships were endured for the promises of salvation through their suffering, to leave their homes and retake the holy land of their ancestors. Rather their great, great, great, great, Ancestors for the area of Jerusalem had been in Muslim hands since 638, and also allowed Christians to pilgrimage there as long as they paid a special tax known as the Jizya. (Footnote Crusades to the holy land). B...

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