The Crusades and Their Benefits to the Church Essay

The Crusades and Their Benefits to the Church Essay

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The Crusades were the type of person who demanded many things, if not everything. They used their power and the backing of the Catholic Church to advance their movements and take control of cities. Many may believe the Crusades were mean, dangerous people who did not care about others and only wanted control. This, however, was only one view and many do not see how the Crusades benefited the church, help unite its members, and enabled the church to evolve in certain areas.
The Catholic Church benefited from the Crusades in certain ways. It was a very powerful force and was able to survive even without the help of the Crusades. However, the church did benefit from the Crusades by increasing its wealth, uniting the members, and helping the church evolve its doctrines and ways of functioning.
Membership of the Catholic Church was somewhat steady at the time of the Crusades. Many members felt there was something lacking from their religion, and the Crusades gave something for the members to believe in. “The Crusade brought peace to Christendom and at the same time provided unity.” 1 This quote gives information on peace being a part of their religion now and it was due to the Crusades. The presence of the Crusades also increased some enthusiasm with the unification of its members. “In the first place the preaching of the crusades aroused great religious enthusiasm and led many sinners to reform.” 2 This describes the Crusades as being the ones who attracted people who have fallen away from the faith and gave something for the current members to be excited about.
Since the Crusaders attracted many newcomers and ones who have fallen away from the faith, to continue such unity, they needed to find ways to inspire the ones who ha...

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