Essay about The Cruelty And The Drowning

Essay about The Cruelty And The Drowning

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The street lights outside flickered with age, popping and gently fizzing with every stream of electricity that ran through the bulb. Sat inside of the laundromat and watching the flickering lights, I was awaiting the wash cycle’s end. Clothes that were dirtied from last night were being rehabilitated by vicious lashes of water and soap. It was the holy cleansing we all deserved. The shirts, pants and socks all pushed up against the restricting glass of the washing machine’s door, fighting for freedom while I just sat there, aware of the cruelty and the drowning but yawning my cares away. The inside of the laundromat was cast in a harsh cyan light that pained the eyes at such late times as these. It was around 9 p.m., and the only people present included myself and a man who was also washing his clothes. I recognised the man as we were both regulars. The owner left us alone 10 minutes ago to go buy more washing detergent for the late customers he receives such as myself and the man. If I were the owner of a shop or a laundromat, I wouldn’t trust money-pumping strangers to watch it if I had to leave momentarily. One of the street lights outside suddenly burst and went out, leaving the others to flicker on their own, and then as the last of the street light’s spark fluttered down towards the ground, it began to snow. Small and persistent flakes fell rhythmically onto the parking lot outside, slowly coating the two cars. They belonged to the owner and the man presumably. I sighed quietly and in unintentional synchrony with the alarm of the washing machine, signifying the end of the wash cycle. I slid off the edge of the bench and transferred the soggy clothes into the dryer just opposite. The clothes were weighed down with rebirth and...

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I glanced at him, reading his delicate face. He wasn’t scared. He wasn’t scary. He was probably right that many people wouldn’t do it, assuming we all have the same connotations of ‘a stranger’.
‘So am I, so you should be careful because who knows, I could be the Big Bad Wolf around these parts!’ I replied, my lips also curling slightly into a playful smile. He laughed genuinely with his eyes crinkled at the corners, and the room fell silent except for the buzzing and rattling of the machines surrounding us.
‘Am I Little Red Riding Hood then?’ he asked me in amusement, and I smiled.
‘You could be.’
The laundromat owner came back coated in a layer of snow and shivers, holding bags of detergent and dryer sheets. He nodded with acknowledgement at us and hurriedly went into the back room behind the main counter, trailing snow behind him that already began to melt.

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