The Crucible : Good Vs Evil Essay

The Crucible : Good Vs Evil Essay

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The PlayMakers Repertory Company’s performance of The Crucible accents the theme of good versus evil. Even though the play is centered on the 17th century Massachusetts witch trials, the play incorporates several modern elements. The reinterpretation of this play with these modern elements, such as the costumes and set, reveals the theme of good versus evil. By accenting intense scenes with darkness and giving characters both modern and old-fashioned costumes, the play creates a striking difference between those in the community who are evil and those who are not. The use of more current elements throughout the performance highlights the reminder that ruling through fear and hysteria occurred multiple times throughout history and not only in the 17th century. Overall, the modernistic costumes used in the trial scene and the different types of lighting create a dark atmosphere that relates to the hysterical climate of the play.
The director’s decision to use modern costumes, lighting, and setting during the trial scene of the play highlights the theme of good versus evil. As the trial scene starts, the lights on stage suddenly appear. The bright, fluorescent lights used in this scene are directly correlated to the “justice” and good that the trials are supposed to bring. However, this is ironic, as the trials only bring death to innocent people. The brightness of this closing scene contrasts with the darkness leading up to the trial scene. As the second act starts, the play starts in darkness as the setting for the trial scene is lowered. The darkness at the beginning of the scene foreshadows and indicates to the audience that evil and darkness will occur during the trial. Thus, the lights used in the witch trial scene illustrate...

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... use of contemporary elements to accent the theme of good versus evil is connected with the director’s decision to highlight how the play relates to present-day times. The modernized reinterpretation by the director reveals the subliminal message to the audience. The director and cast included modern elements to show the audience how hysteria can completely control a person and cause them to do terrible acts. The novel interpretation in the play allows the audience to view the hysterical climate in a relatable fashion and pushes the audience to look at collective and individual responsibility. Thus, the contemporary reinterpretation and performance of The Crucible is a modernized parable to the audience about courage during a time of hysteria. This is further emphasized by the round theater, as the audience is centered on the action occurring in the city of Salem.

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