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The Crucible the film is an adapted version of Arthur Miller’s play of the same name, which was inspired by the 1692 Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts. The two main characters are Abigail Williams played by Winona Ryder and John Procter played by Daniel Day-Lewis. The Crucible’s opening scene is Reverend Parris catching Abigail and her friends dancing in the woods and conjuring spirits. Abigail did not want to get in trouble so she blamed Tituba, a Barbados slave, for making her drink chicken blood, and tempting her to sin.
Abigail and her friends start to accuse people in the town of witchcraft; by saying a person’s spirit attacked them. The people who were accused were usually the outcast of the town or someone Abigail and her friends did not like. Abigail eventually accuses John Proctor’s wife because she is in love with John, but he wants nothing to do with her anymore. If a person was accused they had two options; they could confess to being a witch and live or refuse to confess to being a witch and die by hanging. There was no evidence besides hear say of anyone being a witch. Several innocent people die because they refused to admit to witchery just to please Judge Hawthorne. The final scene of the film is the hanging of Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey and John Proctor.
The narrative of “The Crucible” and Lori Lee Wilson’s historical accounts of the Salem Witch Trials have some similarities. Wilson’s historical account and the film both have Betty Parris as the first afflicted person. Tituba is also the first to be accused, although the film and Wilson’s historical account differs on why she is the first accused. Both the film and Wilson have Tituba confess to being a witch and used her to find the other witches. Rut...

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...cted. Making this change cause a shift in how we as an audience view the female characters in this film. Men were seen as outstanding citizens in this film, while the women were seen as suspicious no matter there standing in the church. Martha Corey was an outstanding woman in the church, but that did not save her in the end.
The town of Salem in 1692 was a Puritan colony. In a Puritan colony women were subordinate to men and were not allowed to have any power. According to Maggie Maclean women were viewed as instruments of Satan. With the Puritan colony having such strict views and ideas of women, it most likely motivated Miller to make the changes such as giving women some power because normally they would not have any power. Many of Miller’s changes could be because of how strict the Puritan colonies were and he may have wanted something different for his film.

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