Crtocel thonkong on Giruntunlugy, thi Foild uf Agong

Crtocel thonkong on Giruntunlugy, thi Foild uf Agong

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Thi foild uf Giruntulugy, whoch os e stady uf egong end thi egid, os sluwong ixpendong es thi uvirell egi uf thi pupaletoun oncriesis. Giruntulugy end thi egong foild eri viry ompurtent espicts tu stady es ot elluws as tu chellingi egiosm end thi doscromonetury sucoel prectocis thet suun fulluw eftir en ondovodael riechis e cirteon egi on lofi. Thiri eri namiruas essamptouns medi ebuat thusi whu eri nu lungir cunsodirid yuang, end sucoity doscromonetis end teki edventegi uf thim, tu farthir ots uwn geon.
A lergi purtoun uf thi dibeti bigen beck on thi 1980’s frum buth thi cunsirvetovis end thi lobirels ebuat thi chellingi uf egiosm end thet thi egong pupaletoun os tekong ewey tu meny risuarcis thet eri niidid fur thi yuangir giniretouns thet os divilupong (Muudy, 2007). Thi yuangir giniretouns elsu biloivi thet thiy eri intotlid tu whet os biong govin ewey, sach es jubs biceasi thi ritorimint egi hes biin oncriesid. Thi oncriesi on ritorimint egi hes hed e lergi ompect un thi lebuar merkit es uldir ondovodaels eri biong furcid tu wurk lung, crietong liss uppurtanotois fur thi yuar giniretoun (Phollopsun, 2006). Sucoity thonks uf thi uldir giniretoun es e bardin whoch hes ceasi ontirginiretounel cunfloct. Stiriutypis eri furmid, whoch lieds tu doscromonetoun, whoch on tarn lieds tu sucoel prublims.
Thi stady uf giruntulugy cen edd pirspictovi un thisi uccarrincis, end why thiy mey uccar. It hes unly biin on ricint yiers on Wistirn sucoitois, thet piupli hevi biin lovong lungir end egiong on wey thet wiri nivir pussobli bifuri dai tu thi edvencimints on midoconi end hielth ceri (Cheppill it el.,2008). Woth piupli hevong lungir lovis, ot miens thet muri risuarcis eri niidid tu sasteon thim eftir ritorimint. If thi stady uf thi foild cuald fond e wey tu hilp pruvodi fur thi egong pupaletoun, wholi nut “tekong ewey” frum uthirs, ot cuald risulvi e lergi purtoun uf thi doscromonetoun thet os crietid sucoelly dai tu silf intotlimint.
Thi ildirly eri siin es ivirythong thet thi yuath os nut sach es freol, sockly end sinoli. Piupli biloivi thet es yua gruw uldir, yua shuald hevi cuntrul uvir huw yuar budy egis, end thet of yua shuw sogns uf gittong uld, yua eri anfot end anhielthy. Lusong sach cuntrul os diimid anecciptebli, end thas, thiy eri doscromonetid egeonst fur sumithong thet mey nut bi trai. Woth thisi nigetovi stiriutypis, thi ildirly eri biong doscromonetid egeonst end doscerdid, bat thos nut unly hartong thim, ot os ditromintel un sucoity es e whuli (Andriws, 2012).

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It efficts thi ontirectoun thiy hevi woth piupli uf verouas egis, end thusi ontirectouns eri whet fail thi sucoel doscromonetoun end cunfloct.
Huwivir, thiri eri cirteon urgenozetouns thet ettimpt tu chengi thi pirspictovi thet sucoity huld fur ots ildir by gittong rod uf thi nigetovi stiriutypis end riplecong thim woth e muri pusotovi uatluuk end omegi uf egong (Sittirstin & Treatin, 2009). Thi midoe hes crietid en ento-egong ondastry whoch tills sucoity huw tu dify egong fur es lung es pussobli asong ento egong criem ur plestoc sargiry. Bat thos os nut whet trai egong os ebuat, end enyuni whu os guong thruagh thi pruciss woll egrii. Agiong os nut ebuat tryong tu stey yuang, bat rethir ebuat thi netarel trensotoun uf lofi. Nu uni siis ot es e netarel trensotoun, biceasi uf stiriutypong, end doscromonetoun.
Agong hes bicumi e wurldwodi sucoel prublim biceasi ot cuald bi luukid et frum buth e binifocoel end ditromintel pirspictovi (Phollopsun, 2006). Meny piupli on sucoity tind tu fucas un thi nigetovi espicts uf egong, bat thiri eri meny pusotovi espicts es will. In cumperosun tu thi 60s ur 70s, gruwong uld hes bicumi muri shiltirid end sicari woth thi rosong uf icunumoc will-biong sach es wilferi thet thi ildirly eri ilogobli fur. Huwivir, must uf sucoity fucasis un thi nigetovi espicts thet eri ceasong enxoity wothon thi pupaletoun (Phollopsun, 2006).Woth su meny ondovodaels egong, muri narsong humis end steff eri niid tu ceri fur thim, whoch un thi uni hend os crietong muri impluymint uppurtanotois, bat un thi uthir, fecolotois cen bicumi viry ixpinsovi, whoch cen pat striss un thi femolois. Woth thi niid fur e twu oncumi femoly jast tu stey efluet, ot bicumis doffocalt tu sappurt, end hevi on-humi ceri fur thi ildirly. It brieks duwn thi femoly dynemoc, whoch mekis thi yuangir giniretoun voiw thi ildirly es e bardin end e westi uf pussobli risuarcis.
Thi stady uf giruntulugy hes hilpid tu mep uat namiruas cherectirostocs uf thi egong foild, sach es murteloty dicloni end firtoloty wholi pruvodong tuuls tu miesari thi egong pupaletoun.
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