Crossing Over : How Science Is Redefining Life And Death Essay

Crossing Over : How Science Is Redefining Life And Death Essay

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Crossing Over: How Science is Redefining Life and Death
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This article discusses the idea of death being reversible and what scientists are learning about the gray zone between life and death. Research and experiments are being completed to seek out explanations for near death experiences, how is it happening, why is it happening to only some people in similar instances, and what is it that we can do to reproduce this effect?
According to biologist Mark Roth of Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, oxygen is plays an inconsistent role along border between life and death. Scientists have recognized oxygen to be an essential characteristic of life, Roth says that is in a nonbinary way. You can take away oxygen, and life is no longer present; but, if you further reduce the oxygen, there is a suspended life. Roth has completed research on soil nematodes, which are alive in air with as little as .05 percent oxygen and are dead if you reduce the oxygen to 0.1 percent. But if you proceed quickly to a much lower oxygen, these worms enter a state of suspension where they need significally less oxygen to survive. In biology the less something moves, the longer it tends to live, it is hoped to develop a way to create immorality in a person for a moment – a moment they most need it.
The article continues with other research scientists are completing in this area. In India neuroscientist, Richard Davidson studies Buddhist monks in a state called tukdam. During this meditation biological signs of life have ceased yet the body appears fresh and intact for a week or more. Davidson’s goal is to see if he can detect brain activity in these monks, hoping to learn what happens to the mind after circulation st...

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...ore functions. The article taught me that death is a process, not a moment; the brain loses its function within the first four to five minutes, heart and kidney shut down within thirty minutes, the liver after one to two hours and the lungs stop after two to four hours.
nonbinary - relating to, using, or denoting a system of numerical notation that does not have 2 as a base (Webster Merriam Dictionary).
soil nematodes - any of a phylum (Nematoda or Nemata) of elongated cylindrical worms parasitic in animals or plants or free-living in soil or water —called also roundworm (Webster Merriam Dictionary).
tukdam - in Tibetan it means intermediate state meditation or dying meditation, ground luminosity. It is a meditation between death and birth in which the mind rest for moment in its very inherent natural state of reality (Webster Merriam Online Dictionary).

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