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The Olympics has been chosen as the focus of the sequence plan as it has been designed to incorporate a broad range of subjects that engage students in activities all stemming from the theme of the Olympics. These series of lessons work towards development of music skills, movement skills , creativity design modern historical research, and geography knowledge. This theme also fits well with the New National Curriculum. This plan will promote to achieve the overall aim of the learning objectives. The goal of this cross curricular sequence is to make things relevant for the children and to draw from their interests and previous knowledge. The first lesson will expose the students to the history of the Olympics. This will give students some background knowledge of the Olympics and will build on their previous knowledge. Students will then study the history of the Olympic rings, and there meaning, this combines both history and geography as they will Research the originality of the Olympic rings and find out about geographical information such as the 5 continents the rings stand for. This progression follows through in to the second lesson as children will be locating countries on a 3D globe and maps as to where the Olympic games have taken place, therefore extending their knowledge within the new national curriculum aims in which children are ‘to locate the world’s countries, using maps atlases, and globes’. This follows through to the third lesson with the subjects of History and art, as children will be learning why flags are important within the Olympics. This has a strong link to art as children will be creating their own traditions which will ‘improve their mastery of art and design techniques, inc...

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