Essay on The Cross Cultural Psychology Issues

Essay on The Cross Cultural Psychology Issues

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Jack’s Burgers and Brew is a restaurant chain that is located all over the west coast and wants to bring their next location to Osaka, Japan. As a growing business that is emerging from the west coast, the desire to expand our business overseas has to be Japan and most specifically as the owners the desire to be in Osaka, is because this particular city is an emerging city that will soon be recognized by many as the next international place to bring in a product and Jack’s Burgers and Brew sees the potential (Osaka Prefectural Government). due to our understanding that To open this business successfully many cross cultural psychology issues were thought about how to successfully maintain this business as we get ready to open. The cross cultural psychology issues that will be addressed towards our success: 1) To understand risk with employees, 2) aspects for self-improvement, 3) act collectively, 4) achievement motivation, and 5) motivation to fit in. Our business ideal believes that as long as these issues are addressed, business will be good and the transition to Japan will be solid.
An important cross cultural issue that must be examined as a business is to understand the anxiety of risk within employees in a collectivist culture. As a growing business that wants to expand their business overseas, Jack’s Burgers and Brew would need to recognize that people in Japan are cautious to take risk. For instance, in a cross cultural study about the relationship between stress, the environment, and the people (Nara, 2010). Japan would show that they have a lot of anxiety and would prefer not to take actions that would possibly put them at risk compared to China and United States (Nara, 2010). As a business that understands that Japan goe...

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...sued by all consumers in order to achieve a successful business. People enjoy trying out new eateries, especially if it 's something they only seen through social media or television. In order for Jack’s Burgers and Brew to fit in, research on what’s popular, food-wise in Japan must be understood and one must establish a humorous, familiar atmosphere that draws in customers who haven’t experienced American dining before (Martin & Woodside, 2007). Avoiding social errors is critical, because Jack’s Burgers and Brew doesn’t want to be seen as a stereotypical American restaurant where people eat large portions of greasy foods, consume beers and are distractingly loud. Motivation to fit in Japan’s culture means, there people must consider Jack’s Burgers and Brew to be “one of us” and not “one of them” which according to Boss, illustrates how people classify things (2012).

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