Cross Cultural Management As An Elective Essay

Cross Cultural Management As An Elective Essay

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Reflection Final
For my Spring 2016 classes, I decided to take Cross Cultural Management as an elective. I didn’t know what to expect as I knew others had to take the class in replace of Human Relations which I had taken the semester before. With the background of Human Relations, I knew that there would be a lot of information on managing a business in other countries. This class covered a lot more than that and the three subjects that I will talk about below are some things that either struck me as strange in a management class or something that I learned from.

Cultural Debates:
This was a great way to see how different people’s lives effected their opinions. I didn’t know what to expect when this assignment was given out, but it turned out really well. The groups were split into sides and topics in order to debate each side of the topic. I liked that there was an emphasis on having each person change sides in order to debate the opposite of what they thought. This lead to a structured and well thought out assignment. What I learned from this is that each person is different and can debate each side of a topic even if they don’t believe in it. This was interesting due to the fact that this class had one of the best class participation overall. The Cultural Debates showed me that if a manger is against something that is normal in another country, they will have to research all the facts (good and bad) and be prepared to have a discussion in order to figure out what everyone can do about it. If there was a situation in another country, there would have to be acceptance on both parts. The new manager and whoever else would be involved will really have to sit down and see how they can work with each other with opposing believes on...

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...e taught differently by a different professor, it would be completely different. I did learn about different cultures through the end country presentations, but we did do that same presentation in a different class. I believe it was Global Business Environment that this class was very much the same. I’m not sure why there are so many classes that overlap at SNC Tahoe. I would say that the title of this class isn’t related to what we learned. I’m not sure what it would be or should be called, but there was little to do with management in the class. I would say only Chapter Five in the book had how to do business in other countries. Other than that, there was nothing really towards business or management. On a positive side, I did really like the class. As I said, it didn’t really have anything to do with business, but I did like learning about the different cultures.

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