Cross Cultural Communication And An Organization Essay

Cross Cultural Communication And An Organization Essay

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When one looks at cross-cultural communication in the organization one has to look at many deciding factors. Cross-cultural communication is also known as “Intercultural Communication” (Afghari, A., & Pourakbari, A. A. 2015 p. 37). When one looks at any organization one would see where cross-cultural communication plays a part. Cross-cultural communication in an organizations are growing. It is a part of our world whether we like it or not. They have different ethical beliefs. Whether we like it or not what seems to be the norm to use will not be the norm to someone else. Business have to understand that when they bring different cultures together they might have issues of ethnic as well. An article written by Kuntz and others said that “organisation’s ability to identify and respond to ethical issues in complex business environments” (Kuntz, J. R. C., et al. p. 319).
When we get people to respect each other and understand one another. Cultures means more than what meets the eye. The word culture has “myriad meanings” (Dickson et al., p. 483). The word cultural “biology, horticulture, and arts, it is used to refer to grouping within society (e.g. hippie culture, Goth culture, etc), as well as to the things that differentiate one society (or organization) from another” (Dickson et al.., p. 483). When you blend different cultures together you are globalizing on something that is far bigger than we expect. One thing to understand when one is globalizing is that “comes the challenge of communication among people with different cultural and racial backgrounds” (Okoro, E. A., & Washington, M. C. 2012 p.57). In our world we must see that “diverse cultures convene and collaborate and thus refreshes and broadens the relevancy of...

... middle of paper ... may view things different than how we do. Organization as well as their leaders need to take time to understand what 's going on and the ability to have a tough skin. Leader need to develop culture awareness. When we have some type of culture awareness as a leader we are more able to have a better outlook on what’s truly going on. Without understand what is really going on and see how we can better communicate with people from different cultural we are forever lost.
In order not to be lost forever we need to make sure that we have “effectively communicate with people from other cultures has become an increasingly important skill in organizational life” (Ozcelik & Paprika 2010 p. 672). Managers in organization still put cross-cultural communication on the back burner and it has been “neglected and there have been no empirical studies” (Ochieng, E.G. et al. 309).

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