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Many people have suffered some form of gastrointestinal discomfort in their life. For patients with Crohn’s Disease this can be a daily occurrence that greatly affects their everyday lives. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease that targets the gastrointestinal tract. Crohn’s most commonly will occur in the lower GI tract involving the small and large intestine and colon but can be found anywhere throughout the GI tract from mouth to anus. Crohn’s is lumped together in a larger group of illnesses more commonly referred to as inflammatory bowel disease. ("About crohn's disease," 2009)
Crohn’s results when the body’s defense system, the immune system, does not behave normally. In the case of Crohn’s the immune system attacks bacteria that aid in digestion by mistaking the bacteria for an invading substance. ("About crohn's disease," 2009) This attack is what causes the inflammation characteristic of Crohn’s and can lead to a myriad of symptoms and complications.
Diagnosis of Crohn’s can often be prolonged due to its presenting symptoms. There are several and they can often be mistaken as other diseases or common daily bowel irritations. Crohn’s will typically first present between the ages of 15 to 35. ("About crohn's disease," 2009) Patients may experience persistent watery or loose diarrhea leading to frequent trips to the bathroom. In addition patients may experience extreme pain from abdominal cramping, bloating, or rectal bleeding as well as running a fever, loss of appetite, and weight loss. ("Crohn's disease," 2011) Other issues that can occur as a result of the symptoms and disease itself include anal fissures (tears), fistulas, and stenosis or obstructions.
If a patient’s symptoms are persistent and not necessaril...

... middle of paper ... with an inflammatory bowel disease. Technologists can help greatly by being aware of how to best make patient’s comfortable so the treatment and doctoring experience may not seem so overwhelming.

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