Critique On Against Gay Marriage Essay

Critique On Against Gay Marriage Essay

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Critique on Against Gay Marriage
Is marriage strictly between male and female, or should it also be open for homosexuals? William Bennett, a well known politician believes in the traditional marriage, being between a male and female. His thesis reads “We are engaged in a debate which, in a less confused time, would be considered pointless and even oxymoronic: the question of the same-sex marriage” (409). Not only is this statement bias, but other elements of his work held problems. The way his case was defended was ineffective to his case. The debate held good statements; it just failed to support the statements. His writing also holds other unacceptable elements, giving his work more reasons to be ineffective. William Bennett’s debate “Against Gay Marriage” is ineffective because of its lack of transitions, inability to understand the other side, and the lack of support for his arguments
This article has various different arguments on the subject of same-sex marriage, all leading to why Bennett is against same-sex marriages. To combat against same-sex marriages it must not be allowed anywhere in the United States, described in the article. Bennett argues that allowing gay marriage would result in long-term social damage in the United States. He explains that same-sex marriages will bring negative change to the structure of marriage, saying marriage is already fragile enough and that same-sex marriages would push it off the edge. Additionally Bennett states that Andrew Sullivan, an expert over same-sex marriages, admitted that a homosexual marriage will involve a greater understanding of the need of “extramarital elements.” Bennett then explains that a marriage of a man and a woman doesn’t have “extramarital elements” occur a...

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...n traditional marriages but they don’t illegalize marriage altogether. Just because some commit to this doesn’t mean all will. Also Sullivan is described as very intelligent of the matter of same-sex marriages; he still isn’t the representative of the whole gay community. Just because he says that homosexuals are more acceptable to extramarital outlets doesn’t mean it’s true.
William’s article “Against Gay Marriage” was ineffective in saying same-sex marriages aren’t acceptable. The article didn’t flow from statement to statement, adding to the ineffectiveness of his article. Also his lack of understanding the opponent gave reason why William was ineffective. The main reason why this article was ineffective is because of his failure to back his statements up with facts. Until William provides support for his statements, “Against Gay Marriage” will remain ineffective.

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