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When writing a book that person is faced with not only the vulnerability of expressing their opinions, but also the acceptance of what another person’s opinion might be from reading the book. In fact critics have a very strong influence on what a person will take in when reading a book. Their critique will determine whether that person will take the time to buy and read the work that author spent many months or even years to write. “While agreeing with Shiplers points of the working poor, I also agree with the critics’ critique of the non-working poor who live at poverty in America and the faults in the lack of a broader study.”
Joel Schwartz, a critic who took the time to read Shiplers book, The Working Poor, to tell the world his opinion about the book, starts off explaining the important factors that he obtained while reading The Working Poor. He pulls in a man named Lawrence Mead a scientist who studied the results of the working poor and explained that Shipler further explained the meaning behind Meads explanations. “MORE than a decade ago, the political scientist, Lawrence Mead predicted that the passage of workfare legislation would move American politics to the left, because mainstream Americans would be more receptive to easing the lot of "a poor population working at higher levels." To the extent that welfare reform transformed the idle poor into the working poor, the poor would be viewed with greater sympathy. The publication of David Shipler 's study, “The Working Poor: Invisible in America” shows Mead 's prescience.”(Schwartz, Joel. "Work and Poverty." Public Interest 157 (2004): 131-135. Academic Search Complete. Web. 28 Sept. 2015.). Furthermore Schwartz explains how Shipler had interviewed many people of the work...

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.... Web. 28 Sept.2015.)
As a result Shipler had some great arguments and opinions when explaining different aspects of the working poor. He takes the reader into a world that some may have had no idea existed, but as Schwartz pointed out Shipler fails to acknowledge that a vast majority of people in poverty or living off of welfare are not working, whether it’s by a specific situation or by choice. Also Shipler limiting himself when interviewing only a few individuals could affect a convincing argument. Though that is a good direction to pull a reader in, it is not the most significant example when talking about a global issue. Both critics exemplified Shiplers points and outcomes that he was trying to get across and both had different disagreements with the book The Working Poor. I personally agree with the critics arguments with what they obtained from Shiplers book.

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