Critique of Barack Obama's Public Persona Essay

Critique of Barack Obama's Public Persona Essay

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Almost naturally, and within the last decade, many Republican leaders have been condemned as laughable in the political realm due to their lack of “acceptable” orality. The 43rd president of the United States could easily agree that political tidiness has always played a major role in deciding who is fit (or no longer fit) for leadership in the bipolar nation called the United States of America. The populace wants someone to dazzle them with the flashiest words and bring false security through the vaguest ideas. This rock star position was gladly taken by none other than Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential elections. Sadly, over the past few years the public has grown weary and hesitant toward the upcoming elections because of recent misfortunes. Should someone else be elected? To what standard should they be judged? For starters, the characteristics of a leader must be the paramount standard of verdict; although Sarah Palin has been offensively troubled by the media on the simplest of matters, her personality and character is equivalent, if not more tolerable than President Obama’s. Once entirely understood, maybe the United States will alter its criteria.
Despite recent failures on a variety of political aspects, Obama has managed to maintain his “cool.” That would be much harder if it weren’t for occasionally guest starring on shows such as Ellen; he definitely has a niche for keeping up with the talk-shows and media. Once introduced, he isn’t afraid to show off his dance skills, but then quickly get to business. As a marvelous orator, complicated topics and issues can be dissolved for the common folk, thus, providing a trivial insight into his moral fiber. On top of it all, he has ten years experience in public office. The...

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...inue to elect those who do absolutely nothing for the nation, and cause more harm than good. There is a fine line between manipulation and persuasion; since Obama and the media thrive on this affiliation, the public will truly never receive the perpetual economic prosperity desired. On top of this, by looking past Palin’s multitude of accomplishments and basing all denigration on purposely stated comments such as “I can see Russia from my backyard,” over-opinionated pettiness will flourish. She may not be successful at “fluffing” her words or worrying about society’s growing obsession over political correctness, but her actions speak much louder. At least with former President Bush, some optimistic changes were made in regards to: traditional values, the budget, taxes, education, employment training, defense, national security, and of course, more love for OBGYN’s.

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