Essay on Criticizing The Police As A Police Force

Essay on Criticizing The Police As A Police Force

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Criticizing the Police
One purpose of government is to preserve order. There are many ways the government does that; one way is having a police force. The police are an important part of the executive branch which enforces laws made by the legislative branch. The police keep the peace by catching lawbreakers who are then tried in court and punished for inappropriate behavior.
Without a well equipped and trained police force, society will fall into anarchy. People will do whatever they want without consequences for breaking the law. Millions of people would die because of unfettered lawbreaking. America would decline from a world power to a land of chaos and crime.
Police officers provide an important and necessary function; however, in recent months, there have been many people who have expressed their opinion about the police acting inappropriately. The displeased people feel that the police have discriminated against and mistreated African Americans. One widely known example of perceived mistreatment is the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. According to Buchanan, Fessenden, and Lai (2015), Michael Brown stole merchandise from a convenience store and proceeded to walk down the middle of the street. Officer Wilson stopped him and recognized Brown as a suspect in the robbery (Buchanan et al., 2015). According to witnesses, Brown then assaulted Officer Wilson and fled down the street (Buchanan et al., 2015). Officer Wilson got out of his car, and then Brown charged at him according to Buchanan et al.(2015). Officer Wilson responded by opening fire and fatally wounding him. According to Wilson (2014), a toxicology report revealed that Brown was high on marijuana.
A grand jury ruled that Officer Wilson...

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...they are rare and not an accurate sample of the average police officer. Most police officers are concerned with three main things: doing their job, protecting themselves, and protecting innocent citizens. Most officers only use force when they feel it is necessary to complete one of those goals. They could use force if it is the best option for catching or controlling a suspect who is resisting arrest. They could use force if they felt threatened or in eminent danger. They could use force if a suspect is endangering the public or threatening to do so. All of these are valid reasons why a police officer would have to use force, and almost all of the time at least one of these applies. With that being said, people should give the police the benefit of the doubt because how would it feel if hundreds of people protested every decision a person made at work?

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