Essay on Criticisms Regarding the State of the Nation Address

Essay on Criticisms Regarding the State of the Nation Address

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It is prodigiously insurmountable of him, that the first State of the Nation Address of President Benigno Simeon Aquino started with the presentations of the present state of our nation, the anomalies, the corruption and the misusage of the funds of the previous administration.

Fearlessly and with full conviction, President Aquino started presenting the anomalies by exposing first the exorbitant actions of the former President Arroyo when she spent P45.1B only in the first few months of this year. Also, she released P1.4B for the “calamity fund” seven months after the typhoons Ondoy and the Pepeng incidents occurred, and it was during the campaign period. But it was surprisingly noticeable that most of the said fund was put only at the province of Pampanga, exactly at P108B and only one district in Pampanga got P105B and funny that that district is the district she is representing in the Congress. President Aquino completely exposed all of them and it was really impressing of him to do such.

Another was the anomaly among the Board of Trustees of MWSS where each trustees got all the bonuses there is and got their payrolls up (211.5M in 2009) while the retirees where left unpaid.

Surplus rice imports of the National Food Authority (NFA) accounted for the agency’s ballooning millions of payable. Worse, surplus sacks of rice were left to rot instead of having handed out to the marginalized and the poor.

Public Works and Highways secretary Rogelio Singson uncovered the anomalies in the department where billions worth of projects has been signed but did not go through legal process of bidding. The administration said that it is now being prioritized and it will further be studied and will be arranged through legal means.

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...cts are pro to the people and his promises give much hope to the Filipinos. Hopefully, these promises will not just be promises but instead be also provided with actions because he indeed got the people’s trust unlike the previous president which gave nothing but false hopes. It will be much better if President Aquino will not break the trust of the people because it takes a great deal for them to trust again after what they have gone through the previous administration. These promises might as well not end only in his State of the Nation Address, but will last until the end of his term.

Filipinos also must do their part by supporting the president’s plan because their support will make his plans happen and hopefully, instead of people complaining, they will engage in finding solutions for the betterment of the nation, just like what he is asking of the Filipinos.

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