Critical Thought ( Point Of View ) Essay

Critical Thought ( Point Of View ) Essay

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Critical Thought (Point of View):
The way the narrator describes Mr. Utterson is very interesting because his physical attributes are not pleasant at all, but evidentially, he is very well liked. This makes his character very mysterious due to not having those physical attributes that most well liked people tend to have. He may have done a number in his community that earned him that respect. Since he is a lawyer, he may have helped his community with legal issues or things along those lines. The narrator described Mr. Utterson as backward in sentiment which may point to his character being unforgiving and insensitive. Stereotypical to a lawyer.
Critical Thought (Conflict):
Early on in the story, their already has been an act of violence before we can get a real introduction to the characters. Hyde has been hinted in the story, but this is his first major action in the plot. Mr. Hyde running over the child could represent a possible internal conflict that he is dealing with. He could be barring a burden with someone else that causes him to act in such a matter. It could also be possible that he is worried about something or someone. He might have a major relationship with Mr. Jekyll that is causing him to be emotionally unstable and having no reaction running over the child.
Critical Thought (Thematic Concept):
Mr. Enfield sets up the good versus evil in the story so far. Mr. Enfield compares both Jekyll and Hyde on the opposite spectrum of the chart. The author uses symbolism to show the character’s typical behavior and their outlook on their communities before we can even meet them. Enfield described Hyde in the f...

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... in people was also dramatically overturned by Mr. Hyde’s actions. This can demonstrate rapid character changes which foreshadow characters in the story changing dramatically. Going from good to evil or vice versa.

Critical Thought (Thematic Concepts):
Hyde not being photographed and being described differently by the maid and commoners. Adding on to his family not being traceable may suggest that Mr. Hyde himself may have been involved in science. He may not be exactly human either. His characteristics so far in the novel can’t be described as human. Commoners not being able to describe him physically and him running over a child without any reaction at all may point to him just being a creation from an outside source. This is further supported because he has no trace of any family members.

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