Critical Thinking As An Attitude Essay

Critical Thinking As An Attitude Essay

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"Critical thinking as an attitude is embedded in Western culture. There is a belief that argument is the way to finding truth," observed by Adrian West (Greengard). Everybody has a phone even a five-year-old one, because they are using their phone all the time they do not have to solve problems if they could look it up on their phones. There is much focus on social media rather than studying for their next exam or test. “According to the National Endowment for the Arts, literary reading declined 10 percentage points from 1982 to 2002 and the rate of decline is accelerating,” (Greengard). Technology affects the thinking of the human brain by not using our brain and instead they use their technology because it is easier, so after a while they do not have to think just use their phones or computer to get their answers.
Literary reading has declined and it is continuing to decline increasingly. Because the main point of our thinking is to gain new information first by reading books and articles about new discovers and what other people think our that topic. Some younger generations today do not even know the importance of reading a newspaper or an article just to learn something that they did not know previously. Tarrant County College southeast campus, makes newspapers about the some of the events that is coming up and what is going on now; but most of the students attending TCC do not even know that they exist. They focus more on social-media to view fun videos or make them rather than reading a newspaper about an event that is going to happen. Mansfield high schools are providing new computers and iPad to the students so that it could be easier to access new information. But the downside is that they are so focused on th...

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...ven though technology does not affect hoe people are think, but there thinking would change from how it use to think.
Technology is there to make people’s life easier, but by doing that they are losing their ability to think. For example, the student who use their IPAD to get their answers online they are the ones who fail the next test that is coming up. But the student who use the textbook and do their work they pass their next test and the whole class. Video games and social media is the main technology used and both are not helping in making people think critically. People with higher education get more money because they use their brains to think about the reeducation or hoe to make more money. but other people are so focused on their social media at hey do not notice that they could be the ones to make more money if they use their brain to study and think

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