Critical Theory, Constructivist Theory And Complexity Theory

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Now that all of the details of the case are understood, I will analyze this case study using the three aforementioned theories: critical theory, constructivist theory and complexity theory. When analyzing this case study using critical theory, we need to look at the social conditions and how they have effected and/or enabled this treatment toward women. In this case, we need to look at the society in the United Kingdom. In this country, on average, women make approximately $0.66 to the male $1.00 (Kattasova, 2015, p.2). This means that a woman in the UK makes approximately 34% less than the average man in the UK in any occupational position, when they are doing the same job on the same level. Therefore, it is not surprising that this woman was making less than a man when she was doing the same job on the same level, or arguably a more difficult job that he was doing. This could also be due to direct discrimination or the undervaluing of women’s work (Kattasova, 2015, p. 1). This could mean that women in the UK are naturally discriminated against simply on the basis of gender, and their worth ethic may not be as valued as men – meaning although they may work as hard as a man, they will never be appreciated as much as a man for their worth ethic. Now, that the societal situation and beliefs are known, this case can be analyzed using constructivist theory. When looking at this case from a constructivist viewpoint, one may come to the conclusion that the female teaching assistant has constructed her own subjective reality from the objective reality and those two realities do not match. However, it could be argued, that there is no subjectivity in this case due to the fact that it is based solely on statistics and records. There is no ... ... middle of paper ... ...wing that there are organizations that actually have a mission to alleviate the pain and damage that has been done by the gender pay gap, is comforting. However, I do know that it is not only up to the people who have decided to start these organizations, but it is also up to me and I have to do my role as a global citizen. In order to perform my part, I vow to educate as many people as I can on this situation, whether it is in conversation or whether it is on a blog. I also vow not to let any job or office I hold undervalue my work as a woman by paying me less than a man who performs the same job. I also vow to volunteer any time that I have the chance, and the time, at places like the Women’s Media Center that educates women and men on these pertinent issues. This is only the beginning – the fight to end this kind of treatment towards women is forever ongoing.

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