Essay Critical Success Factors On It Project Management

Essay Critical Success Factors On It Project Management

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Describe three critical success factors in IT project management. And provide examples that relate to a recent item in the news or academic journal articles you have read about the assigned topic.

IT projects can be quite difficult and rather time consuming. With lots of people working together in a team to complete a project, it is paramount that all the funding and time being put towards the completion of an IT project, the end result is that the project is successful. This is not only to satisfy the customer but to also satisfy the IT project team.
There are many factors that contribute to a successful completion of an IT project, including clearly defined staff roles and responsibilities, effective and efficient communication, and a process for managing project scope changes.

"Roles and responsibilities need to be outlined and documented to set expectations and avoid confusion on what level of contribution each project member makes” (Levinson, 2010).
Often, team members involved in an IT project do not understand their role or responsibilities, as they have not been assigned a specific role (Levinson, 2010).
This too goes for staff members of the project not understanding their responsibilities, which should be assigned with appropriate due dates (Hughes, 2010). Staff not understanding their roles and responsibilities causes confusion within the project team as to what each member is meant to contribute. When this happens, members are not aware that they have the ability to change the course of the project. Consequently, members either do not contribute to the project, which in turn can cause the project completion date to be pushed back, or the completed project to not live up to customer standards (Levi...

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...ect saves time and money at the end” (Project Management Institute, 2012), thus, prompting a successful completion of a project. Implementing a scope change control process will establish how changes and add ons to a project will affect the projects overall budget and timeline.


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