Essay on Critical Success Factors For Interpersonal Skills

Essay on Critical Success Factors For Interpersonal Skills

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1. Write down your INTERPERSONAL SKILLS goal clearly.
My goal is to improve my emotional intelligence by increasing my ability to make decisions productively, ultimately resulting in a higher ability to succeed at Bradley University.
2. This goal relates to M L 250’s learning objectives—be specific (i.e. 50-100 words). EXPLAIN FULLY—THIS IS KEY. Do not just list. Treat it like an exam essay question. Check the learning objectives from the PowerPoint slides (and included with this assignment) to help you identify this.
Learning Objective 0.2 highlighted critical success factors for interpersonal effectiveness. McFarlin’s article about the importance of soft skills in the workplace featured the importance of decision making and problem solving. My goal was addressed because I find myself being able to make quick decisions, however, they sometimes don’t have the best intentions of all parties in mind. In Learning Objective 6.6, Simon’s normative model provided me with some feedback as to why decision making isn 't always successful. I identified most with the concept of having poorly defined processes and having an unclear vision or mission. The Road Map to ethical decision making’s decision tree, as noted in learning objective 6.9, gave me a resource to revert back to consider the trade-off a decision may have and navigate through them.
3. Make your goal SMART and start with SPECIFIC. How will you reach this goal? What behaviors will you do differently? How will you practice it? What are the SPECIFIC action steps that you will take—make sure they directly relate to #1:
Each time I am faced with a decision, I will write it down in my black notebook. At the end of each day, 7 days a week, I will choose three decisions t...

... middle of paper ...

...ill have more credibility when it comes to relationships with future employees, clients, and coworkers.
7. Set a goal TIME FRAME or deadline.
I will reach my goal and specific action steps by:
I will reach my goal by December 12, 2016, the last day of first semester finals. I plan to begin this plan the last day of M L 250 classes (October 12) so that I continue to carry on good measures from my toolbox and can constantly be reminded of how important emotional intelligence is.
My halfway measurement will be on this date.
My halfway point will be one month into the process, November 8, 2016.
Additional dates and milestones that I will aim for:
Because of the short time frame I have created for myself, additional milestones (outside of my weekly Sunday recaps) are not needed.
8. Return to #1 and revise the goal if steps #2-7 helped you better formulate this goal.

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