Critical Response Paper : Strategic Planning

Critical Response Paper : Strategic Planning

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Samantha-Jo McFatridge
Amin/Tag 2801
Critical Response Paper Number 2
Strategic planning is an ongoing process. There are many steps through the entire time that planning is occurring. However, this time there was not as many steps that were covered in the sections, but there is still plenty of good information. The two steps that were covered was the business model and organization capacity. This time around, I will discuss some things pertaining to Native Americans that was covered in the Rebuilding Native Nations reading. At this point, I did not find anything that I disagreed with the strategic planning. I am going to start with the two steps of planning, then move on to some background on the Native Americans, followed by how they work together.
The first step I want to talk about is the business model. At first, that step name sounds a little intimidating. The information I will talk about made me realize, it is not as hard of a concept that I thought it was going to be. Data is necessary to have. If a person is unable to produce the data, the financial management systems are more likely inadequate to the needs of a nonprofit organization. With that being said, a person also has to prepare an organization-level summary of how revenue, expenses and net assets have changed over the past few years. Reviewing how money is spent and gained will help to assess what steps to take next. This brings me to something that I find very interesting and useful. It is called a matrix map. This matrix map has four quadrants that represent variables of impact and profitability. This also seems like a good way to summarize how an organization can see which programs are working and which programs are not working. So, in one of the quadrants ...

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...t decisions within programs, whereas SG ranges from decisions about governmental form and resources. SA has government formed by outsiders, whereas SG is designed by Native nations. SA requires intergovernmental relations consultation, whereas SG has a partnership with intergovernmental relations.
To conclude my critical response paper, I want to first that strategic planning is still on ongoing process with many more steps to come. The matrix map is an example of that, because you have to go back and evaluate your programs. I still feel agree that these steps are important in order to move forward with strategic planning. Self-government allows Native Americans to do their own things like make rules and figure out what type of revenue they want. I believe that strategic planning is for everyone who knows how to utilize the process, including the Native Americans.

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