Critical Reaction in the Film Digital Nation Essay

Critical Reaction in the Film Digital Nation Essay

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Critical Reaction
In the film Digital Nation, I felt confused and thought it was unrealistic because I didn’t really think about technology that much to even believe that we could die from it. I thought it was unrealistic, because there are a lot of people that are addicted to the internet and as Americans we don’t know how to stop it. The intended audience is mostly parents because parents care more about their kids and how well they do. If you tell a child or a teen about how the internet is affecting you then they’re not going to believe you or just ignore you. I feel like the other audience is teens or young adults because parents use the internet just as much as children sometimes. In the film Digital Nations the announcer says, “But today, it's not just our kids. All of us are immersed in technology all the time” (Digital). Digital Technology is researching on how the world is not in tune with society as much as they are into their phones, computers, games, and even TV’s. The film’s purpose is to try and get the society back on to their feet by showing what’s going on with everyone and helping them slow down. Some people will listen, others will just ignore it. Honestly, I am kind of ignoring it, because we live in a society where we have the internet all around us and eventually we will get overwhelmed with new technology, but we will learn how to use it and just keep moving. I am going to slow down on how much I use the internet, but that’s not going to stop me when it’s a rainy day or when it’s super cold outside.
I feel like the harmful effects from technology are your eyes and ears. The main thing that is harmful to technology because when you look at a computer screen, book, TV, or even when you are driving they st...

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... showing how smart we actually are to other people. If people actually took the time to look most of everything up and wrote letters and emails then English would be better than what it is today and social studies would be easier especially if you read newspapers and articles to find something new about the world.
In conclusion, try being more active and limit yourself on video games, laptops, phones, and even TV. You could even get more rest than most people if you start now and try changing the world. This is our generation to make a change so stand up talk your mind and speak out.  
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