Essay on Critical Race Theory Can Be African American Males

Essay on Critical Race Theory Can Be African American Males

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In recent years that have been a few frameworks that have reviewed or analyze the experiences of African American males in colleges and universities. One tends to focus more of the usage of Critical Race lives of African American males. When it comes to how we review or analyze the lives of African American males, the majority of individuals have focus on using Critical Race Theory (CRT) (Bush & Bush, 2013). Critical Race Theory can be African American males theory has not been around that long. One thing that students have reviewed is critical race theory. Critical race theory draws from a broad literature base in law, sociology, history, ethnic studies, and women’s studies (Solórzano, Ceja, Yosso, 2000). There are five elements that CRT focuses on: 1) the centrality of race and racism and their intersectionality, 2) the challenge to dominate ideology, 3) the commitment to social justice, 4) the centrality of experiential knowledge, and 5) the transdisciplinary perspective (Solórzano, Ceja, Yosso, 2000).
The purpose of this study is to show from an African American male the perception on how analyze, log, and report on how they perceived their academic success. Because African American males are different and unique, there is not one said model or theory that should be used to document their experiences (Wood & Palmer, 2015)
Socio-Ecological Outcomes Model
The Socio-Ecological Outcomes (SEO) Model focuses on the nexus of social and ecological plays to portray factors that influence success outcomes (persistence, achievement, attainment, transfer) for men who have been historically underrepresented and underserved in education (Wood & Palmer, 2015). The model was an outgrowth of the five domains of Africa American Ma...

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...AAMT is interested in discovering and illuminating the resiliency present in the inner microsystem, outer microsystem, and mesosystem (Bush & Bush, 2013).
Like the CRT, African American Male Theory views racism as an omnipresent force in society, and it interested in how this impacts the lives of African American boys and men (Bush & Bush, 2013). The purpose of AAMT is to explicitly investigate, expose, and correct programs, policies, practices, systems, concepts, and institutions that continue to promote oppression (Bush & Bush, 2013). It is important to note that even though AAMT analysis phenomena, experiences, and outcomes that are pathological, delicious, oppressive, and arresting in the lives of African American boys and men, it also has the capacity to examine why African American boys and men are resilient, healthy, and thriving (Bush & Bush, 2013).

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