Critical Positionin of Biotechnology in Brazil Essay

Critical Positionin of Biotechnology in Brazil Essay

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Searches were conducted in two bibliographic databases - PubMed, Google Scholar, and recovery of specific data on national websites or search for specific information by Google, including online newspaper reports. Papers published between 1926 and 2012 were selected. Pre-2000 publications were used as classical studies and publications from 2000 were used to understand the state of art of each new technology reported in this study. Articles, studies and interviews selected were written in Portuguese and English, except for an article that remote to the discovery of a bioproduct which is written in French. Two patents that were cited in one of the papers were selected and used as reference. The research terms used were free trying to find studies about each of the themes. An accessed article could generate a new search by the use of a new term. The data were treated interpretively looking interaction between the themes and integrating the items to keep an argument about the main idea of the text (biotechnology as one of the possibilities for growth in Brazil and/or emerging countries and new technologies that can be explored considering the sustainability and renewable energy) with the critical positioning on biotechnology in Brazil.

Brazilian biotechnology and law
Brazilian intellectual property started in 1809, with the transition of the Portuguese royal family to Brazil. At this year, Dom João VI creates a license which grants privileges to Brazilian inventors, with the elaboration of a new law in 1876 having its evolution to the current law 9,279 dated of 1996. In 1883, moment in which the Paris Convention Priority Rights was created, Brazil was already a signatory and was one of the first countries to sign the...

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...ew model of attitude, new models of monetary and business thinking arise. What before was of insignificant interest of companies and industries, the environment, became their focus creating a perspective that it is no longer a concern of few, but of the entire society.
Following this thought, new consumption and ventures options arise trying to solve problems caused in the past and searching alternatives to human development. Among new technologies, there is the new engineering such as: nanotechnology, biotechnology and nanobiotechnology. This paper will focus on Brazilian biotechnology, including science, technology and innovation profile and important laws involved in this area. Furthermore, there is a short review of some established and renowned sustainable technologies in the country, as well as emerging ones in the world, that could be explored in future.

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